When the world’s top brands need help designing and implementing emerging technologies they come to us. Steven Schkolne earned his PhD from Caltech in 2003 after building the first full body painting system for virtual reality. Since then Dr Schkolne has continued to work on the cutting edge of technology, building groundbreaking gadgets with Amazon, helping Disney build a digital rights simulator, and building a time machine for the Library of Congress. Now he has brought together a team of the brightest minds from Caltech and Harvard to help companies solve problems unique to creating next generation innovations.

If you need help working with virtual + augmented reality, drones, bots, biometrics, the internet of things, or anything generally confusing you can't go wrong with a team of super geniuses.


Stupidity talks. Vanity acts.


We take innovation as seriously as the brands we work with.

Steven will change your perception of reality and of what is possible. He can effortlessly integrate technologies which would take you a lifetime to understand with pop-culture and a post modern aesthetics, see a path where you see nothing, can produce small miracles in no time but more importantly he is just a great person to work with.
— Alain Demour Head of Product and Technology, Groupon

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