When top startups need help interfacing with the world's best brands they come to us. Startups work on the bleeding edge, but aren’t set up to leverage their innovations for clients.  Vain Media bridges the gap. Our broad understanding of tech fundamentals allows us to see the present value in the future dreams that startups pursue. Dreams that established companies need to adopt if they want to continue to thrive in an ever evolving technological ecosystem. We've built a solid foundation of powerful partnerships with innovators, engineers, and investors. That, along with our deep experience humanizing innovations makes us uniquely qualified to successfully introduce the public to emerging technologies. 


Advanced Technology is our Baseline


Greatness isn't Built Overnight


Steven Schkolne earned his PhD from Caltech in 2003 by building the first full body painting system for virtual reality. After nearly a decade of working as a hired gun on high-tech projects for the likes of Disney, BMW, and Microsoft, in 2010 Steven founded Vain Media to bring passionate, like-minded individuals together behind a common cause. The early focus of the business was on deploying high-end mobile marketing experiences for big brands.

This direction was a massive success, with our reputation for on-time, perfect execution resulting in a number of high-profile projects that garnered tens of millions of impressions for major motion pictures (Anchorman 2, Django Unchained, the X-Men series). The team also explored rich applications in the form of ‘advertising products’ in app form for the likes of Tylenol, L’Oreal, and Coca-Cola. This phase of the business sharpened our scale deployment techniques as well as capabilities in design and user experience.

These large scale marketing deployments, however, left advanced technology out of the mix. In 2015 Dr. Schkolne regrouped the business to focus on his latent passion for working at the forefront of technology. A new leadership team comprised of the brightest minds from Caltech and Harvard discovered a new gap in the ecosystem between value generated by startup tech platforms, and the needs of established concerns. Now Vain Media makes future tech a present, profitable reality for innovative companies in a variety of market segments.




We take innovation as seriously as the brands we work with.

Steven will change your perception of reality and of what is possible. He can effortlessly integrate technologies which would take you a lifetime to understand with pop-culture and a post modern aesthetics, see a path where you see nothing, can produce small miracles in no time but more importantly he is just a great person to work with.
— Alain Demour Head of Product and Technology, Groupon
A phenomenal developer, and an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Noah Young, VP Digital Marketing, 20th Century Fox

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