Steven Schkolne

Steven Schkolne wrote his first computer program when he was 7. He’s been passionately chasing the cutting edge of technology ever since. After finishing his BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon he went on to complete an MS and PhD at Caltech where his love of creating human centered interfaces for new technologies reached new heights. 



Jerry Feng

Maybe it comes from his years as piano prodigy, or maybe it’s some sort of hoodoo voodoo, but Jerry Feng types faster than anybody we’ve ever met. Jerry graduated from Caltech in 2015 with a BS in Computer Science, but he still going back for more punishment in the form of supplemental courses because he just loves new technology that much. Jerry’s love of technology, 10x programming skills make him a vital member of the Schkolne Tech team.


Sara Krichbaum

Sara cut her teeth on technology as a child entrepreneur. Her first successful venture, at the age of 9, entailed scavenging virus-laden computers, cleaning them, and reselling them for a handsome profit. A nonconformist autodidact without parallel, she dropped out of school in fifth grade, instead opting to read enough Tolstoy and Kant to be admitted to Harvard University, from which she graduated with a degree in liberal arts.At Schkolne Tech she specializes in research, creative direction, and concepts. Her claim to fame is winning projects with a single paragraph of text in a Word document. We're not sure how she writes them, but they are invariably more convincing than the fanciest of Powerpoint decks.


August Bradley Cenname

August Bradley Cenname is a frontier tech strategist, aligning business objectives with emerging technologies to create leaps in predefined performance metrics.

Previously August was the COO & CMO of Kite & Lightning, a prominent VC-backed Virtual Reality company creating vast computer generated worlds and interactive experiences in virtual space. Over his career August has provided creative and strategic solutions to leading brands including Coke, Xbox, Kia, Gap, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Fisker Automotive, and many more. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

August is also the Executive Producer and Host of MIND & MACHINE, a weekly talk show and podcast with people at the forefront of transformational technologies and futurist ideas (